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The Best Gold Buying And Jewelry Valet Service

…We have an inventory to work with, that is paid for, enabling us to keep the prices down. We are also working on a system for special order requests. EJ Valet will sometimes purchase estate jewelry and it will be marked as such. Otherwise all jewelry on our site is new.

The Only Jewelry Supply You’ll Ever Need

Exquisite Jewelry Valet has access to fine jewelry from all over the world that we are offering to you at truly exquisite prices. By marketing only on the web, Exquisite Jewelry Valet does not have the overhead of a storefront or full time employees.  The money that we save gets passed on to you, making Exquisite Jewelry Valet the premier competitive jewelry site in the United States.

Our selection can’t be beat, so no matter what your tastes are, you can rest assured that we’ll be able to provide you with jewelry that leaves you looking truly exquisite. Exquisite Jewelry Valet has built contacts in the jewelry industry all over the world, giving us a wide reach and instant access to an unbeatable variety of jewelry.

Who we are

EJ Valet is a family business located here in the United States. Our business started out as a hobby many years ago and has begun to flourish as my wife and I have made friends and business contacts from around the world. We love to serve our customers and we get a great deal of satisfaction when a customer’s expectations are surpassed. My wife and I have such a passion for doing this business because we can do it together. 

After a serious motorcycle accident a few years ago, I realized I am very blessed to be alive. At that point in my life I decided to savor the small things in my life, including family, friends and beautiful things.

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If you’re ready to be the one who lights up the room with gorgeous jewelry pieces for a small price, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether to find that perfect pair of earrings, a stunning broach, the perfect engagement ring, or any other piece of jewelry, we’re here for you! We look forward to serving you and making many new friends.